Metrics of Affection

by Bombadil

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released July 23, 2013


all rights reserved



Bombadil Durham, North Carolina


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Track Name: Angeline
Take another left Angeline
Can't you see the light's turned green
And you are lost in the city

Keep going straight Angelane
This part of town looks all the same
And I hope that you find it pretty

Where you trying to go Angelo
Your heart goes fast but your car goes slow
And I hope the people have pity

Take out the map, Angeline
Won't you take out the map
Try and look back Angeline
No, it's hard to look back
Think of all the places you have been
Places we've been together
And say goodbye

Take a deep breath Angelie
Count to ten and say goodbye
Farewell to the concrete pastures

Turn up the heat Angeline
Your bones are cold and it’s in your mind
To go a little faster

Pull to the side Angelou
You'd get home if you only knew
The name on the door that you’re after
Track Name: Learning to Let Go
I swear that I am dreaming
When I kiss your lips
Is it that we're in love
Or just little kids

I'm learning to let go
When will I know

I don't feel that lucky
Even with my girl
Even if she loves me
There’s so much in this world

I'm learning to let go
When will I know

What you see in ink blots, painted
Smashed like Rorschachs, jaded
The collision of our lives was slow
I am learning to let go

Tell me that it's over
I won’t feel that bad
Even if you cheated
I'll know that I've been had
Track Name: Born At 5:00
Born at 5:00, bright blue eyes
Mother beamed, father cried
His first words came from a song mom sang
Big sis wished it'd been her first name

And he took his first steps learned to live upright
He sat through school but he ran through the night
And at 13 kissed a girl but she didn't kiss back

A name misspelled on the diploma
Paycheck, road trip, Arizona
His first love wore her hair full of curls
They called it quits but he found another girl

And everyone stared as she walked down the aisle
Kids got daddy's eyes and they stole momma's smile
And for a while there everything was goddamn peachy keen

Until he cheated death at 35
Asleep at the wheel swerved just in time
His heart grew cold and he lost touch
The job was boring and the marriage was tough

Then he saw a drop of blood roll down his son's face
He was standing in a robe he was teaching him to shave
And he snapped out of it and he learned how to love again

But a stroke got dad and they buried mom
Once the cancer grew too strong
A lullaby from sister's lungs
First tear in dad's eye since the birth of his son

So he took the year off to get back on his feet
He didn't do much, took a trip to the beach
Where he slept on the sand, had a dream where the girl kissed back

Highway home, daily grind
Birthdays, holidays, peace of mind
He lost his hair, found his laugh
Composed a will and his epitaph:

“There was nothing too special about the way he lived life
Was about average build, was about average height
Sometimes he did things wrong other times he did right”

A porch out front and a yard out back
The quiet life in the cul-de-sac
Kids in school gowns and ties
More little babies with bright blue eyes

So he cashed in his chips and he moved to the hills
But he didn't eat right and he didn't take his pills
And then at five o'clock one day those soft blue eyes grew still
Track Name: Isn't It Funny
Isn't it funny
To think about all the things that make us sad
Like losing dreams
And kisses that don't mean anything
What does it bring

Isn't it funny
To think about all the things that make us cry
Like family
And the one time that your best friend lied
What does it bring

It’s time to sit down and reflect
The misdeeds you can't correct
We've all had our missteps
Our shoelaces are ragged
And our hearts are rabid
Have the faces become wood
To burn if you could
You won't say goodbye though you should
The fire will pass by where you stood
It’s an opportunity and it's good
But it's hotter than what you're prepared to do
It's a realization as you stare into the bayou
That you must lower your expectations
And I've seen that It brings hardship at such a fast clip
It’s broken pride it’s a busted lip
See the wheelchair is your new bridle and horse bit
So how will you control yourself at this high idle
When the words you say don't fit
And the motion in your legs is nonexistent
Would you say boredom is an emotion you feel but can’t vent
The memories sealed and vacant
Friends you can't remember
Nor how the time’s spent
You give in easy now like rag doll, it seems to be the only constant

I am a chauffeur
This life is over
Drive where you want to
I can't take you there

Your arms hurts when you twist
An even the best docs and psychiatrists can't
Help answer why me why this
They still think ignorance is bliss
Did you tell them all the things that you missed
Track Name: Boring Country Song
Just another boring country song Just another song about you and me What about those big tears Doesn't make you happy Just another plot goes on and on Just another love with too much history What about King Lear Doesn't drive you crazy Just another boring country boy Just another soul whose feet are dirty What about the big tears Doesn't make you happy Just another rabbit from my hat Just a magician whose tricks are lazy What about the smoke and mirrors Hasn't fooled you lately But you'll probably never hear it anyway If you heard my voice would my tenor be ok I never took a lesson in my life Not confessing to you that you were right You don't listen to country You don't wear boots on SundayYou don't understand sweet tea Then why do I find it crazy That you like me
Track Name: Have Me
You can't have diamonds made of gold You can't stop from getting old You can't put everyone you've loved into a single car and You can only go so far You can't have 700 wives You can't decide who lives or Why the universe exploded You can't have constant happiness You can't rebuild forgotten bliss Or mountaintops, eroded When I walked into your room I was so scared that you would see All the nervousness surrounding me But now I know I was the fool For starting every single Sentence in my head with “we” You can't have everything you want Or even sometimes what need Even if you need it desperately But, apple blossom, if I could I'd carve a shuttle out wood And fly us out beyond the breeze All alone except for stars I would wonder how you are The most beautiful of things But you can have me But you deserve to see the way you want to be But I have fallen
Track Name: When We Are Both Cats
I asked my girl: Baby do you love me true Do you love me like the ocean loves the blue She rolled over and then she stopped me in my tracks It'll be revealed some day when we are both cats I blinked my eyes And considered a reply Hey baby, do you think you could clarify When she the words again, I wasn't sure how to react It'll be revealed some day when we are both cats So I asked my girl What that meant about our past All those times you told me that our love would last Did you love me then or was all of that an act It'll be revealed some day when we are both cats So I walked outside Because I needed some fresh air Went out driving, caught a movie, cut my hair But no matter where I went all her words kept coming back It'll be revealed some day when we are both cats And then when I came home The bird had spread her wings She evacuated all her little things Just a little note to the mantle was attached We will meet again someday when we are both cats We will meet again someday
Track Name: Whaling Vessel
My skin is made of the softest oils Does this make me a factory My fins that take me through the sea Bounty of a royal man That's trying to get the best of me On his whaling vessel My skin is made of the softest oils Destined for the big city My tail is a gray origami Bounty of a royal man Who's trying to get the best of me On his whaling vessel A thousand miles beside the rails And then I'm gone before they set the sails on me In their whaling vessel A man is a fish that lost his scales Does that make him a lesser thing Tired of land where he is king Nothing noble in the art Of trying to get the best of me On his whaling vessel A man is a fish that lost his scales Does that make us family Does he face me honestly Driven by a frail sense of Sharing ancient memories On his whaling vessel
Track Name: What Does It Mean
What does it mean when you stay silent? Is that just shyness, or have you implied that It's the end of our life together? Baby, you were meant for me but Maybe I act differently from How you expected me to be What does it mean when you cry When I describe how your root beer eyes stab me with Little tiny knives of longing in my mind? It seems there could be two explanations: They could be joyful tears or they could employ your fears of Facing the shame of saying you'd rather he be here Well you came on to me so I went to you But if I knew then that I'd still be this into you Would I have been so unkind to you Taken your time from you? I don't think so I don't know but I don't think so What does it mean when you say “ok goodbye" After I say I love you one million times Into the phone line when each little chat has died? Why does it feel like you've got ice for arms? Oh yeah, it's cool girl, yeah I'm busy too, girl We'll touch base soon, sure, but I've really got a ton of work to do alone Baby we were meant to be but Maybe we are not the same as How you envisioned we would be And baby you mean everything to me but I have seen the reasons now and I think you should probably leave
Track Name: One More Ring
My room is a museum A lifetime of my work I am the last Mohican I stand proud although I'm hurt I keep a cup of secrets From which I never drink I am an ancient king Who sits proud but never thinks So if I find one more ring of yours Mixed up among my things I just might sell all my belongings To make sure I've cut all my strings And if I find one more note Crumpled up inside my coat I'm moving back to Carolina Where I'll live out on the coast I have a box of trinkets I count them one by one Each one is a keepsake From a war that I have won I have a daily schedule A comfortable routine Watch months roll by with pleasure Like girls walking down the street I lost all my ambition Could've settled for less But if I can't have you I don't care about the rest And if I find one more strand of black hair Under my night stand
Track Name: Escalators
If I lay down On an escalator Would you step on me Just a rug Tired of hugs and relaxation I've given up On my autobiography Cold coffee and a pillow Days that feel slow Are enough for me If I gave in To the corporate tactics Would you say that I Jeopardized All that I once believed in Has come untied Teddy, I cannot “speak softly" Cold coffee and a pillow Days that feel slow Are enough for me Do you ever think about the future What holds those invisible sutures together Is the doctor in Whatever happened to spontaneity That’s my deity And I'm in charge of me Let’s see how far we can walk with our eyes closed Each step raises the bar of uncertainty But fortunately Our feet are wheels that ride the maze That is my life my hours my days Let’s take the escalator up We've been living in a cup that's china-made I drank the Kool-Aid I paid too much for And more is just a bore Of plastic happiness Let’s get rid of the rest of this Twist yourself to hear the truth Your laundry list is so uncouth Of the things been checked off Forgotten or left off And all the lights you never turned off And I'm the man who pays That is my life my hours my days If I lay down Would you pick me or Would you step on me We're out of toilet paper again All this talk about the end is eating me up Would you please shut up We've had enough Of the apocalypse And its making me sick and I cannot predict The ending of my favorite show Or was it a book in slow motion Like Captain Cook on the Indian Ocean Eaten alive and great history lies in you and I And I think that's ok
Track Name: Thank You
Forget about the ones who let you down But remember to stay gracious for the ones who stuck around Thank the ones around you, if you win But believe in yourself even if your own mother begins to doubt you And take everyone you love, and write them down You might not want to tell all of them because that could weird some people out But let them know you care, somehow Now hold the one you love in both your hands Apologize for what you did, and he will understand And if he doesn't, well fuck him, you've done all you can But I just want to say thank you For all the time that you stayed by my side What a wonderful feeling to feel like everything is right What a wonderful feeling to know that everything is fine Keep your family close Because when you get in trouble they'll be the last to lose their hope Say your prayers every night They don't have to be to God, it just helps to sort your thoughts And you never know, they might be right Now if I died tomorrow, would you say nice things Or would you tell the truth even if it sounds a little mean So if I’m remembered, I'm remembered realistically? But if there's something that you want with all your heart That you want so much, it's tearing you apart Well don't try to kill the fire, it has to go out on its own

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