A Buzz, A Buzz

by Bombadil

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released April 29, 2008


all rights reserved



Bombadil Durham, North Carolina


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Track Name: Trip Out West
Thought I'd take a trip out west
See the Mississippi
Go down to Tennessee or the Big Easy
Drove out from the east coast
With my home town boy
Put in on the southern shores of

Don't take it so hard, babe
Life and you
Don't take it so hard, babe,
It'll see you through.

Hid out in a corn field
With Picasso colors
Humming birds and mosquitos
By the brown waters
Walked through the darkest cave
Hoping for Mark Twain
Didn't find that river man but it
sure did rain.
Track Name: Julian of Norwich
Julian of Norwich was a charming farming girl.
Perfectly content in her little peasant world.
Prepared to live her weary dreary life.
To live as someone's perfect little wife.
Then one day she heard a higher, mighty voice.
And to her it seemed that there was a higher choice.
So she made her vows and the whole world she did tell,
She would live alone in a little walled-off cell.

Julian of Norwich, why did you go away?
Don't you know your family thinks of you every day?
And though your faith is strong it has to be said,
to your own family you may as well be dead.

Julian of Norwich was buried alive.
On only bread and water she could not survive.
But she always prepared for this day.
She went through her funeral before they locked her away.
All the people came from far and wide
They could not go in so they stayed outside
They opened up their hearts
and confessed their sins
Their stories made Julian's cut up head spin
Track Name: Smile When You Kiss
you should smile when you kiss
dont let people say your emotionless

laugh when you want
dont let people say you do it to taunt
or haunt

dance when you like
dont let people say its only for night
thats trite

and you can cry by yourself
im here to tell you other people are hell
shit sells

you can sing all alone
singings just talking in tones

and get off your cellphone
because they're tracking you home
skin and bones
all alone

when you do and when you do

so compile all your bliss
into memory books of all the people
you miss
it's heartless

to keep all the change
the root of evil's made us deranged
we're chained

to the walls of our jobs
a school of fish on the fishing bobs
we're slobs

for the friends that we keep
never seem to keep us so neat
that's sweet

like a closed candy store
that couldn't stay open just one day more
we're troubadores

and the mgm lion's roar
is making you bored
so pull the cord
and close the door
Track Name: Rosetta Stone
Well she said
Hello in
Well it must've been an archaic tongue
Was it more a sweet goodbye, so long, I've had my fun

And she brought
an interpreter
and he's making it quite clear your champagne's always near
You came by for the music but
You know you're not really here

Teach me your alphabet so I can break your code
I swear you're from the golden age, you're my rosetta stone

And she brought
An interpreter
And he's making it quite clear your champagne's always near when you're your most sincere
You came by for the music but, it's worse than you feared.
Track Name: Three Saddest Words
When you called at 4am
My mind was workin
I rolled over in the bed above
the box where I kept
The trifles I talked in letters unsent
and I don't understand what you see in this man
what you see in me.

It's no surprise
My heart is broken
It's no surprise
And I don't understand what it means for your man
What it means for me

Called you back at 5:17
You never answered and now I have seen
What it means to me

I realize
I have the answer
I realize

I remember
You told me there were
The three saddest words and now I am sure
What they mean to me

I got the tone
But could not follow through
Just a recording
A voice I once knew
Said the three saddest words
That I ever have heard
And I remember
But now I'm not sure
What it means from you.
Track Name: Buzz A Buzz
a buzz, a buzz
is pleasant company for someone
by four walls.
abuzz, abuzz
your mind it was when someone
found out
love was gone.

a bust, a bust,
you thought it must have been a breach
of trust
by four walls
a bus,t a bust,
you turned your cards over,
threw them up in disgust.
love was gone.

a bus, a bus
passenger asked you how you felt you said you felt
by four walls
a bus, a bus
took you pretty far but you wound up right back
where you started
love was gone.

I was singing about that time with the border patrol and the mountains
of utah. you thought you had control. but now that confession put it
home back down to the gravest days and alright guess who's
backit'slikethat, it'slikethisit'slikethatand you said
I've got dreams that I can't share
so I write them in reams so the papers will blare
Track Name: One Two Three
One, two three

And if I could be
Beautiful to see
I would be a little white flower
Under a tree

And if I could sing
All the love I would bring
I would be a bluebird baby
Taking wing

We could watch the clouds go by into nothing
We could watch the passersby, that's something
No no, she says, no no, she says,
No no she says that's not how it goes

And if I could fly
Pie in the sky
I would try and win your love
Don't ask why

And if I could be
WIth you and me
Three words would be all I needed
One, two, three; one, two three
I love you, I love you
I know she says, I know she says,
I know she says, that's how it goes
Track Name: Cavaliers (Har Hum)
We are calling cavaliers to arms
We shall fight like a lion with a sword in its side
We shall rush to defend at the sound of the alarms
We shall vanquish our foes with the justice of the brave

Cavaliers, sing out in glory, har hum
Cavaliers--it's the same old story, har hum

And we'll raise up our fists as the horns ring out
O'er the river we must cross to the enemy side
But we'll fall to our knees as the tide brings doubt
For heavy baggage worn we are bashed and bathed

So we knocked on the doors of the ones who kept us down
But they heard us from afar and they ran away in fear
So we sharpened our blades on whatever was around
Branches, bark and motor oil, we left a dreadful wake.
Track Name: Caterpillar Tree (For Old Time's Sake)
A lonely caterpillar tree
Stands right next to me
And it wants you for a friend to be
Maybe you can be

Inside of me
Is a lonely caterpillar
Inside of me
Is a light that grows much dimmer
Let's take a ride, ride cause you've got the time.

a lonely caterpillar tree
Stands by the sea
And it wants you for a friend to be
Maybe you can see

Inside of me
Is a lonely caterpillar
Inside of me
Are two eyes that shake and quiver
Let's take a ride, ride cause you've got the time.
Track Name: Johnny
little johnny johnny cut himself to stay sane
he had a girly girly but she couldn't remain
by his side so he tried to fill the void in his life
by writing on his arm with a knife l

ittle johnny's brother when he saw johnny's pain
he looked at little johnny with the greatest disdain
he said bro I don't know but it looks to me as though
only yourself is to blame

she walked into johnny's room
and now she knows just what he means
it was different
when she was writing on his arm she was

little johnny knew that feeling had to revive
he didn't really wonder whether he would survive
so he clung to the pain with the hopes to regain
proof that johnny still was alive
Track Name: Get to Gettin' On
Well I said
You could stay with me
I was being polite out of courtesy
And you looked me right in the eye
Promised me that it'd be just for a while

So I'm laying this one down
I ain't puttin you on, no
Girl, I'll give you til the dawn
And then you got to get to gettin on

Well it
Took me some time
I thought this one through and I made up my mind
And you well, you ain't no good
You had me fooled, carved my heart up just like wood

In case you did not hear me
I'm gonna tell you once more
get out the door.

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